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Whether you’re rocking out to his set at a Major hotspot or listening to one of his mixes, the distinctive sound of Flaco Flash is evident. Though his roots stem from Latin music, Flaco has one of the most creative arrangements of music that you will ever hear. He spins anything and everything from Electronic tunes, to Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Funk and of course he tosses in that Latin twist most djs can not deliver.

He has worked alongside some of the best DJs, Artists, Athletes and Companies known locally and Internationally (refer to client/artist list). Flaco is also Part of the globally known Organization LMP (Lomaximoproductions.com) and is the only on-air Mixer for Cleveland Latin Radio Station 87.7fm “La Mega”. He has added production to his list of musical skills. With that being said, original production work has earned him a new place in the dj/producer world.

These days Flaco Flash resides in Phoenix, Arizona and continues to jet sets across the nation to perform his sets. Before that he served in the Military and was stationed in Georgia, Virginia, and Germany where he has spun at many different events. He has also lived in Puerto Rico, Louisville, Orlando and Miami where he attended the Scratch Dj Academy but Ohio is still his home. His distinctive ability to keep his listeners and crowds entertained makes him impossible to forget.


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